Competition at Essendon and Epping Forest

Great day at Essendon and Epping Forest Dressage Group today. Totally new venue and we had a go at the silver test (Grade II Novice Test A) as well as our 2nd attempt at the bronze test (Grade II Intro Test 10).

This was only our 2nd time in an indoor school which River took totally in his stride. No spooking, just a little look around then on to business!

The bronze test didn’t go as well as last time, he was a little more tense than usual. We scored a respectable 65.3% though so pleased with that!

The silver test, our first attempt at it, he was much more supple but my accuracy let me down! I really need to get familiar with 8m circles!

Overall a good day, chalking up another outing to another new venue and a good experience overall.

With our rosettes back home (and bad hat hair!!)
Relief after surviving our first test!
Recapping the 2nd Test!
Warming up
Handsome boy!