Windmill Farm 7 September 2019 Competition

Competition number 3 already! Another new venue and 2 tests again. This time was a Saturday so it seemed busier than the last 2 competitions. River lost concentration at a few points which were a shame. However, our practice of our 8 m half volte/volte and our halts meant we didn’t drop so many marks with inaccuracy.

Our Bronze test went as well as our first competition and we scored 69.12%. Our Silver test was as good as our last attempt and we scored 66.96%.

Mini groom came with me for the first time. From an entirely non-horsey family, I think I can claim my wonderful boy up to be a super groom in the months to come! He also did a great job with video and pictures including the one above!

Mini Groom, 8 years old and almost as tall as me already!
Grade II Novice Test A (videoed by Mini Groom!)