Abbey Farm Competition 9th November 2019

Our last show of the Winter Nationals qualifiers for us today. We were 2 points off to qualify at the Silver level, which is amazing given the short amount of time we’ve been out competing at para-dressage for!

I decided to attempt the Gold level test, Grade 2 Individuals, after the success we had with it at camp and I’m pleased we did! For our first attempt at it under competition pressure, and knowing we still have work to do on our medium trot and leg yielding I was chuffed with the 65% we received.

My 2nd test was the Grade 2 Novie A, the one we needed 2 points from (so we needed 62 – 63.99%) to qualify for the Winter National Championships at the Silver level. We got 66.7% and 4 points so we are off to the Winter National Championships in February 2020 at both Bronze and Silver level!