Abbey Farm Competition 9th November 2019

Our last show of the Winter Nationals qualifiers for us today. We were 2 points off to qualify at the Silver level, which is amazing given the short amount of time we’ve been out competing at para-dressage for!

I decided to attempt the Gold level test, Grade 2 Individuals, after the success we had with it at camp and I’m pleased we did! For our first attempt at it under competition pressure, and knowing we still have work to do on our medium trot and leg yielding I was chuffed with the 65% we received.

My 2nd test was the Grade 2 Novie A, the one we needed 2 points from (so we needed 62 – 63.99%) to qualify for the Winter National Championships at the Silver level. We got 66.7% and 4 points so we are off to the Winter National Championships in February 2020 at both Bronze and Silver level!

Autumn British Dressage East Camp

First time at British Dressage Eastern senior camp today, which I really enjoyed.

First off I attended a lecture on bitting from Neue Schule which was very interesting and thought-provoking.

Then we had a 45-minute lesson with Hayley working through the movements in the Grade 2 Individuals test. This included leg yielding in walk and medium trot.

A girl riding a brown horse in a manage

After our lesson, we got the opportunity to have the Grade 2 Individuals Test judged by a listed judge. Apart from going wrong even though the test was being read, it went very well!

My article with the MS Society UK

I was very lucky to be asked this week to write about my story so far for the MS Society. I love that I got the opportunity to talk about how MS is not holding me back from my dreams!

Windmill Farm 7 September 2019 Competition

Competition number 3 already! Another new venue and 2 tests again. This time was a Saturday so it seemed busier than the last 2 competitions. River lost concentration at a few points which were a shame. However, our practice of our 8 m half volte/volte and our halts meant we didn’t drop so many marks with inaccuracy.

Our Bronze test went as well as our first competition and we scored 69.12%. Our Silver test was as good as our last attempt and we scored 66.96%.

Mini groom came with me for the first time. From an entirely non-horsey family, I think I can claim my wonderful boy up to be a super groom in the months to come! He also did a great job with video and pictures including the one above!

Mini Groom, 8 years old and almost as tall as me already!
Grade II Novice Test A (videoed by Mini Groom!)

Competition at Essendon and Epping Forest

Great day at Essendon and Epping Forest Dressage Group today. Totally new venue and we had a go at the silver test (Grade II Novice Test A) as well as our 2nd attempt at the bronze test (Grade II Intro Test 10).

This was only our 2nd time in an indoor school which River took totally in his stride. No spooking, just a little look around then on to business!

The bronze test didn’t go as well as last time, he was a little more tense than usual. We scored a respectable 65.3% though so pleased with that!

The silver test, our first attempt at it, he was much more supple but my accuracy let me down! I really need to get familiar with 8m circles!

Overall a good day, chalking up another outing to another new venue and a good experience overall.

With our rosettes back home (and bad hat hair!!)
Relief after surviving our first test!
Recapping the 2nd Test!
Warming up
Handsome boy!

Para Equestrian British Dressage Grade 2 Test 10 Bury Farm 6 August 2019

We did it! 69.12% on our first para trip out doing the Intro Test 21! So chuffed. And a super team supporting me – Evie being super groom & plaiting, Sacha Hamilton working us in and keeping us sane!, Auntie Kathy  my moral support and cheerleader (like the old days at pony club!!) and Lenny Rowe our horsey chauffeur. Been nipped by the bug now.


I attended Hartpury College on 14th July 2019 for a classification appointment. I was nervous about what it would involve. Two lovely physios met with me and we discussed my condition. Straight away they put me at ease. 
The examination was difficult. Fatigue of both the muscles and mentally sets in quickly with my Multiple Sclerosis so repetitive movements and trying to do them faster was hard work! The examination also highlights the weakness and limitations of the body which can be frustrating.
Within a week of my appointment I received a letter from the BEF with my grade. I was a little shocked at the grade but I’m ready to get stuck into competing!